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Federation Awnings

To clear up the difference between a verandah and an awning:
An awning is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building.


Above: Awning Styles courtesy Bullnose Roofing

Below: For these diagrams, I am indebted to the Halford Federation Products website:







Frieze Awning                    Bullnose Awning;                 Exposed Rafter Awning       






















Above: Randwick metal awning

Above: Haberfield Bay Window sunhood; 















Above: Swan Hill corrugated skillion awning


Above: New Restored Awning


Above: Original Randwick shingled Gabled Awning!

















Above: Randwick casement sunhood












New shingled skillion Awning courtesy


Exposed Rafter awning - new - Courtesy Halford Federation Supplies

Federation-House Information

Details about renovating Australia's Own Housing Style - latest: Federation Gardens
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